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Gate Automation

Gate Solutions is our automated gate division, with over 20 years experience in the automated gate industry. We can handle any job regardless of size or complexity.

Please see the automation options below to find out what type of system best suits your needs. All new gate installations will be estimated with redundant safety devices as per our company policy. Gates can be very dangerous when improperly installed. It is crucial to have a trained and certified gate technician handling your installation. Please note that most gates do require a building permit. Contact your local building department for further details.

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Double Swing Gates

Requiring two motors for automation the double swing style driveway gate is the most common automated gate used for residential applications. The gates move independently but in sync and are capable of opening either in or out, depending on the layout of the driveway area. Whether it be a wood gate or Iron gate, in ground or arm style operators, the double swing is a timeless example of elegant form and function.

Single Swing Gates

Utilizing a single motor to operate the gates, the single swing gate setup is useful for smaller openings and places
where a wall or other obstruction would prohibit a dual leaf gate from opening. This setup can put more strain on the
operator and as such, it may be necessary to use a stronger style motor.

Slide Gate

Usually reserved for commercial applications, a slide gate is most commonly used due to space constrictions. The gate itself will be 1.5 x the size of the opening because of the necessary counter balance. Slide gates are extremely dangerous and require several extra safety devices. We reccomend not using slide gates in residential applications unless completely necessary.

Barrier Arm

Barrier arm gates are also more commonly seen in a commercial application.
Used primarily for their speed and continuous operation, these are a common site at toll booths and parking garages.
These motors can be adapted to take a light weight gate in place of the normal arm.

Access Systems

As an added level of security, coded keypad and telephone assisted / intercom access systems are available upon request.